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Bicycle mechanic position- **NO positions available**

Bicycle Mechanic Position Available at H.E.H. Human Electric Hybrids LLC, 25 S. Huron St. Ypsilanti.

Part to Full Time Bicycle Mechanic Position availabe.

 LOOKING TO HIRE A BIKE MECHANIC - PART TIME (20 hours/week or so, may go FULL-TIME). Hi Everyone! We've grown to the point to where we need another mechanic capable of assembling, tuning and repairing bikes and ebikes. Availability should be somewhat flexible during normal business hours of 10 am - 7 pm seven days / week. Prior experience is not completely required if candidate possesses a high degree of mechanical aptitude and willingness to learn - especially about eBikes. Candidate must also possess the willingness to do whatever tasks are required to help keep a bike shop running smoothly. This would include disposal of waste such as boxes and packaging, keeping store and workplace tidy, etc. Personal skills such as being able to interact with customers in a friendly, understanding manner would be a plus, but not necessarily required. Willingness to use a personal vehicle such as a pickup truck for running errands would also be a plus. Position is for the downtown Ypsilanti store, but may occasionally require tasks in the Ann Arbor Kerrytown location. If you know of anyone that would be interested, please let them know and have them contact us. Thanks! 

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