Electric Bicycle Services

Turn Key EBike Conversions

Electric Bike Conversions

Already own a great bike, but would like to add some power?  We stock conversion kits and parts from the most reliable conversion focused companies. BionX, eRad, eBikeKit, Electric Bike Outfitters, Grin, etc. 

EBike & Bike Repairs and Tune-ups

EBike and Bike Repairs and Tune-Ups

H.E.H. is a FULL service eBike and bike shop. No more buying your eBike in one place and having it serviced at another. From flat tire repair and basic tune-ups, to full electric bike conversion, we have you covered. EBike Services in Ann Arbor



 We have eBikes, and non-motorized fat bikes, available for rent. Rent from two-hour to 24-hour intervals. Get out and moving for extended periods for leisure or to help you make your purchase decision. 

EBike & Bike Assembly / Test

EBike and Bike Assembly and test


Did you purchase a bicycle or eBike and it arrived looking something like this? We're here to help!

Super Cool Modifications

Electric Bike Modifications Cycle Analyst Battery Boxes Custom Circuits for Electric Bicycles

 Integrated LED headlights, LED tail lights, LED turn signals, horns and more that operate from the main system battery with only minuscule range loss. Cycle Analyst Integration.  Custom battery boxes hand built to fit your battery and bike like a glove.        And more!

Mobile Services / Free Delivery

Mobile EBike Services. Bike Repair. Electric bike mobile services bike mobile services

We know it can be tough to get that new bike home or even make it to the shop. So we offer Pick-Up / Delivery and Free New Bike delivery (restrictions apply). We also offer On-Site demonstrations!