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All of our Cargo bike offereings, including Riese & Muller Cargo bikes can now be found at our new website, (and new show room. Click on the LOAD 75 image to the right to be taken to the Riese & Muller page of Urban Rider Cargo bikes.

For Riese & Muller Cargo Bikes. Click HERE

For Riese & Muller Cargo Bikes. Click HERE

Come in and Experience


R&M Bikes are custom built especially for you. Or you can choose from our in stock bikes.

So when you come to the shop, you can test ride, and purchase many of the bikes we have in stock, or configure and order your very own Riese & Muller built especially for you. Delivery times can vary from approximately 45 - 90 days. Bikes can be shipped by sea (free; about 6 weeks) or air ($300; about 2 weeks). Shipping times are included in the overall delivery times. Most air shipped bikes will arrive within 45 days of ordering. Sea shipped bikes adds approximately 30 days to arrival time. Cargo bikes are shipped by sea freight only. Order soon to have your bike in plenty of time for Spring!