Lightly used or take-off items that have lots of life left!

Novera Panniers $40.00 / Pair

Novaro Panniers

Lightly Used Novera Panniers Orig. Price $90 Pair

Novera Shopping Bag Panniers $40.00 / Pair

Novera Shopping Basket Panniers

Lightly Used Novera Shopping Bag Panniers Orig. Price $90 Pair.

Sunlight Frame Bag $10.00 ea.

Sunlight Frame Bag

Well used / damaged zipper on one side. Orig price $45.00

*NEW* Seat Post Mount Bike Rack w/Pannier guards. $15.00 ea.

Seat Post Mount Bike Rack

Brand New Seat Post Mount Rack with Pannier shields to keep your panniers out of the rear wheel. Great for full suspension bikes! (Works on any bike)

Dual level rear bike rack kit. $45.00

Dual tier rear bike rack kit.

Need some extra room on the rear rack? Typically used to house an eBike battery, this rack offeres double the space for your stuff with the ability to hang panniers on the sides.  Orig price $100

Light Duty rear rack kit $15.00 *NEW*

Light Duty Rear Bicycle rack kit.

Rear rack kit for light duty applications... Backpack or computer? Orig price $30.00

Lightly used or take-off items that have lots of life left!

Water Bottle type battery mounts $10 -$20 ea.

Water Bottle type battery mounts

Inexpensive Battery mount to install water bottle type batteries - various configurations and lengths. Some with keys - some without. 

High Power eBike motor controller mount / heat sinks. $35.00

High Power eBike Motor Controller heat sinks

Mount and heat sink for high power eBike motor controllers. 

ISIS Bottom Bracket - Brand New Take-Off Truvative $25.00

ISIS Bottom Bracket

116 mm O.L. ISIS Bottom Bracket for 68-73 mm Standard British Bottom Brackets.

Lee Iacocca eBike(s), two available $275 ea.

Lee Iacocca eBike(s)

Classic Lee Iacocca eBikes from the late 90s, early 2000s ... Not running, but "all there" Great Project bikes with large enclosed battery bay! Would make great electric Mopeds!

Older IZIP ZUMA project bike $225.00


Does not run, but have battery / seat post that goes with this.  Good eBike frame, etc. Worth refurbishing as a project for someone with the time ;-

Many, Many Brand New Take-Off Saddles (starting at) $15

Brand New Take-Off Saddles

Brand New Saddles starting at just $15!

Lightly used or take-off items that have lots of life left!

Used Front eBike-Kit 16" front 350 watt motor wheel. $150

16" front ebike wheel

Used, makes a bit of gear noise, but has lots of useful life.  Great for a low-budget eBike project.

Angry Birds toddler bike $25.00


New Golden Motor V3 Magic Pie Kit 26" Rear 48v $290

New Golden Motor V3 Magic Pie Kit

Brand New, unused kit ... As is, will demo run, works great. 

Hundreds of New and Used "take off" wheels (starting at ) $20


Many, Many Brand New or slightly used to well used take off wheels for just about any bike from 16" to 29er and Fat Bike wheels! 

Brand New 750 watt Bafang Fat Tire Bike motor / wheel $325


Specific application was Surface 604 Boar rear wheel, purchased as a repair part, then unneeded Brand New, unused, As Is.  26" x 4" rim. Will fit typical dropouts of most fat - tire bikes. Typical cost is $525 + shipping from Canada.

2017 Haibike Urban Plus - Not Running as is $500

2017 Haibike Urban Plus

Not running, but is all there - Haibike is not able to supply repair parts, but if you have an Urban Plus, then this is a load of spare parts! Battery seems good - Keys and charger included!

Lightly used or take-off items that have lots of life left!

Used Yuba Bread Basket - Great shape! $125

Yuba Bread Basket

Regular price for new $180.00...  Save $55

Surly Big Fat Dummy Fork - Three available 2 green , 1 white. $80 each

Surly Big Fat Dummy Fork

15 mm x 150mm Thru axle... All brand new. 1 1/8 straight threadless.

Magnum Imax Scooter decks 4 available. 2 green, one blue, one orange.. $20 each


Brand New, unused 

Brand New Fat Tire Bike suspension fork $200


New, as is 9 mm x 150mm QR - post disc brake mounts 1 1/8" thread less stearer. 

Lightly Used Basil Panniers $40


A little sun faded, used for just a short time - Inside looks brand new.

Much more to come soon - Check back often!