Photo Gallery of Happy H.E.H. Customers


 Best electric bicycle shop in the world. I have a pedicab business he has fixed every issue with my electric assist pedicabs. Also has pointed me in the right direction to save me money. If you are looking for a great product at an affordable price go see Jim. Its winter time check out his fat tire bikes. - Kevin Spangler of Boober Tours 

Electric Bike Shop review in Ann Arbor.

Photo Gallery of Happy H.E.H. Customers

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Photo Gallery of Happy H.E.H. Customers

Photo Gallery of Happy H.E.H. Customers

Photo Gallery of Happy H.E.H. Customers


  If you're looking for an eBike, my friend Jim Summers is having a sale until Nov 26. I've bought two bikes from Jim and they are fun to ride, reliable, and expertly assembled and serviced. -Peter 


 I have purchase 4 custom ebikes from H.e.H. and am very satisfied. Jim has consistently provided me with accurate and honest advise without regard to his profits. My bikes were all delivered on schedule and at the quoted price..... he really knows ebikes and delivers a quality product at a fair price!  -Frank


 I met Jim in 2014. It was obvious that he understood the electric power assisted bicycle. He built my first bike in 2014. I told him what I wanted to do on the bike and he made a bike that could do it. My first bike was a dual motor fat bike for riding off road in all seasons. I can ride through 16" of snow uphill. I can go up sand dunes and down any trail. It is a beast of a machine that I have ridden almost daily for four years. We have worked together on other bikes since then. Jim always provides the advice, the technical know how and particularly the service that has kept me coming back. — in Okemos, Michigan

Riese & Muller eBikes at H.E.H. Human Electric Hybrids LLC Ypsilanti MI (734) 238-2269

Congratulations on getting your shipment of Reise & Müller bikes. I enjoyed seeing my bike on your website while your were waiting. 
I want to tell you how much I’m enjoying my new Supercharger. It is much more than I hoped for. I have about 250 miles on the bike and it is wonderful. Thank you for becoming a distributor and helping me acquire my R&M Supercharger. -Howard Hatten

Haibike  eBikes at H.E.H. Human Electric Hybrids LLC Ypsilanti, MI 48197 (734) 238-2269


I love the bike!  Did two rides so far; Five miles, and ten miles. The day I picked up the bike you took a photo of me in front of your store.
I was wondering if you could send me a copy of it.



 This is Tim and Deb. They had us install two mid drives on an Electra Townie and aTerra Trike. 

-Hi Jim. Thanks for a great experience and motorizing my bike. It was a lot of fun trying out your demo bikes and learning my options. Rode it for the first time yesterday and everything far exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed being able to ride faster again. My starts are much easier and no longer painful from my knee replacements. I enjoyed my slightly assisted three hour ride and smiled the whole time. Thanks. Hope to see you again soon with my wife's bike and a fat tire bike for me!  -Tim Sullivan

-Hi Jim..Just wanted to let you know. My ride across Iowa with my wife went well. The battery's lasted 40 miles each and we were able to complete the 500 mile ride as planned. There were a lot of hills and it would of been difficult-impossble for me and knees without the assistance. We had a couple 80 mile days and never ran out of power w a little management. -Tim Sullivan



I stopped in after my bike popped a tire, he had me fixed up and on the road again in no time. Very knowledgeable and friendly!

- Matthew


 Jim is smart, fast and honest and that makes it a pleasure to do business with him. - Bob Markley 


  Great service and assistance -- Jim is great and extremely helpful in my search for the right mid-drive fit I was looking for. Enjoyed my "New Bike" day today with a 5 mile ride! - Julian West 


   Excellent sales, service. Jim's attention to the customer and his attention to detail can most assuredly find the right e-bike for you. I am amazed at my bike, a conversion. I highly recommend him and his business. Check out his shop and test drive seomething. You'll be hooked. - Bart Heldke  


    I love my conversion! It's just what I wanted exactly as I explained what I was looking for to Jim. I wanted to be able to still pedal at high speeds. -John Walczac 


 Sally Ellsworth

Love my Schwinn 3 wheel ebike. Great bike and great service. Snow is melting in the U.P and it's time to get it back on the road!



 Alexander Marowsky

Owners (Jim and Kim) were really nice and accommodating. They took their time explaining everything to us and fielded my many questions the best they could. Also they let me test ride several bikes to get a better feel for what I would want and should be looking for. Very nice and very helpful.



Great customer service, and I am in love with my conversion. People who try it out pretty much come back with a huge grin. I am so happy with this in every way. Awesome can't be used too much to describe the results. It is far better than I ever imagined it would be.

-Linda Diane Feldt

 Christopher Brooks

Had a great experience with Jim and his wife at H.E.H.. Jim didn't talk down to me as I rattled off everything I learned through web research and at the same time provided perspective and details on the products they carry and the options in my price range. And what options they have! From conversion kits to full on bikes they have things for every budget. The new showroom is great, and it was a real joy being able to actually try the different models and electric systems they have available. On the cutting edge of new products, H.E.H. is THE PLACE for electric bikes in Ann Arbor or Ypsi.



  Im Quite Happy with my latest H.E.H bike. The bike has no trouble zipping a big guy like me around. flexible payment options, even delivery. I'd rather have a custom bike than a generic one bike -fits-all. -Paul Maxwell 


 H.E.H. modified my commuter bike for me, in just two days, and I LOVE it! I can't wait to bring you my Fat Tire Bike!
Thank you, Jim! -Bonnie Nolan 



Very happy with everything you won't be disappointed. An electric bike is a hunters dream 


 Scott  Katke

Wow, lots of bikes, and different kinds. Not your normal bike store. Much, Much, more than that. Service is great, people very helpful. They want you to enjoy your new bike, really. It is great place for older bikers to find bike that will work for us... All different shapes and sizes, you really can find one that will work. We found a bike for my wife and she just loves it and best of all, she can ride it. Now we bike together. You have to see this bike shop. There is nothing around here at all like this place.

 Tom Buka

Jim is very knowledgeable about electric bikes and he has wide range of inventory. I purchased a Raleigh Tokul ID Bosh CX 350w. I weigh 265lb and the bike is having no problems climbing steep mountain trails, in the Smokey Mountain with me on board. My battery is 400W, and it lasted 19 Miles with very steep mountain terrain. On the flats I can 30 miles+. I have 80 miles on the bike at this point and I just picked up the bike 2.5 week ago. I carry it with me in my motorhome traveling to florida. I have 4 road bikes at home, but the Raleigh is the most versatile and fun bike ever. You will not be disappointed with an ebike with all the extra electric aid in pedaling and dealing with the HEH team. Very satisfied customer.




Ive been looking for a long time for someone to really answer me questions without the B.S. and it seems I stumbled across to the right people here at h.e.h.. I'm so happy with my new bike cause it definitely suits my needs. As long as this place exists I would never shop anywhere else. Thank you jim!!!